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Our mission

We believe in innovation that supports privacy, sustainability and user-centered. Our restless priority is to provide the best solution for our clients.

Who we are

Mujina was founded by CEO Erik and CTO Francis in 2016. The company began as a startup dedicated to developing its own apps with an emphasis on finding innovative solutions for promoting sustainable development. Over the years, it evolved into a consultancy firm committed to bringing its expertise to clients, with a focus on projects in line with its own values. All the while, Mujina has accrued experience in developing solutions at the cutting edge of the JavaScript technological landscape, realizing the importance of finding maintainable, scalable, and above all sustainable software innovations to meet clients' needs.

Our ability to quickly develop modern, secure, and maintainable websites and apps come from our use of best practices and experience-driven development. We strive to stay ahead of the competition by cultivating expertise in the full range of web development techniques, from backend and database to UI design.

What we do


We design, build and develop websites and web apps. From simple informational websites to more complex behavior and data-driven apps. Tailor-made specially for your purposes.


We offer lectures and educate in our areas of expertise.

Sustainable solutions

A better world is built by participation and inclusiveness, we strive to design and build the most sustainable solutions for customers and users.

Latest posts

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How I rebuilt mujina.se headless using Sanity.io and Chakra UI.

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